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How to compare two jobs


Three months ago I changed my job and lately I've been wondering how to compare between two jobs, to know if my change was correct from an analytical point of view. What I've come with so far is an calc table as follows, the ultimate result is an indication of your net salary including all the extras and taking several subjective criteria into account

The Job Virtue Index (JVI) can be calculated as follows:

RefPropertyFormulaExampleANSAnnual net salary (€)30000AHAnnual work hours (h)1769HNSHourly net salary (€/h)ANS/AH16.96AVAnnual vacation days (d)22AVSEq. net salary for vacations (€)HNS*AV2984.74ATAnnual telecommuting hours (h)100ATMSaving per telecommuting hour (€/h)10ATSEq. savings for telecomm. (€)AT*ATM1000MEDAnnual medical ins. quota (€)400AIAnnual incentives (€)100ATCAnnual transport-fromto-work cost (€)530AFCAnnual food-at-work cost (€)700ATTAnnual transport time (h)330TTEq. transport time cost (€)HNS*ATT5600ATRAAnnual received training hours (h)100TRATraining hou…