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Google compute engine autoinstall script

Lately I've been following several security blogs in order to be notified about the state of art of cryptography standards compliance in the browsers. One of them, Charles Engelke's Blog, published a series of posts about getting a Google SaaS up and running with its own SSL certificate. This series is composed of:
 - Let’s Encrypt on Google Compute Engine
 - Creating a Compute Engine Instance
 - Setting up Apache Web Server
 - Getting a Certificate from Let’s Encrypt

Since my last project, autoinstall, fits into this task quite good, I've decided to extend it to accomplish these goals:
 - Install and config a Tomcat server, in the default 80 and 443 ports, with its manager prepared for remote maven deploys.
 - Install and config a daemon, which it's given the task of renewing the let's encrypt SSL cert when it's necessary.
 - Install mysql 5.5 database.
 - Install other tools: ftpd, nmap, tree, etc.

So, the steps to get this running are:
 - Buy a domain, or o…
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Soporte para Makita RT0700C

Acaba de llegarme la Makita RT0700C que encargué a la tienda Modrego Hogar (y que ahora mismo está de oferta a 104€) y tengo muchas ganas de empezar a usarla en mi eShapeoko. Lo primero que hay que hacer es preparar un soporte adecuado para poder montarla en la máquina, debe ser robusto porque la Makita pesa alrededor de 2 kg. Buscando información por Internet encontré un blog fantástico llamado BricoGeek que, además de otras muchas cosas, habla de como realizar el soporte que os estoy contando. Podéis leer esta entrada aquí

En fin, me he puesto manos a la obra y con el objetivo de reutilizar el máximo número de piezas de mi configuración actual he modificado el modelo de bricogeek para llegar a este.

Como podéis ver reutiliza la pieza SM-TM1 (blueprint), que al ser de aluminio dará un punto de robustez extra al montaje. Los tornillos para adaptar ambas piezas deben situarse desde el puente una vez se hayan montado los SM-TM1 en el eje Z, por eso conviene que sean Torx/Allen …

Deploy pseudo Tomcat 7 to OpenShift arquitecture

Hi everybody.
I have been playing with PaaS services lately, and the best for me is OpenShift, for clear reasons: no strings attached, nice interfaces, all built from Red Hat up, etc.
The other side of the coin is that the appliances and all the application servers come with the OpenShift flavor, and that's not what I need. I need a plain Tomcat or JBoss in case that I want to go on the hunt for better tides.
With a little bit of research I managed to have my half-out-of-the-box Tomcat server running on top of the OpenShift platform, and take advantage of the hot deploying that my beloved Tomcat 7-Maven plugin gave me.
Here are the steps. First of all, create an OpenShift account. You can apply for these accounts at, and they offer you 3 gears for free, which means that you can run up to 3 app servers/appliances/whatever. Every gear comes with candies, like relational databases and several tools. You should really check that out.
Once you…

Do you really need laser goggles?

Hello everyone.
Lately, since I saw them on Banggood website, I've been playing with lasers.
I ordered this one to try it, because it was 12 dollars or so and when it arrived and I saw that it was able to cut paper, I was afraid to hurt my eyes.
It was then that I saw the need to buy safety goggles. After a basic search in Google, I found relatively cheap glasses in Torlaser, and well, I have to say they should be sued in the courts for this.
And I say this because, as you can see in the video below, these glasses allow most of the luminous power to pass through them, so I've actually wasted my money, besides risking my corneas.

I investigated more thoroughly and realized that I must purchase some rather more expensive safety glasses in the range of 40-150 euros. Some good and cheap glasses can be found here, while more expensive ones may be purchased here
Logically, I'm not going to buy a pair of 150 euros when I bought a laser that cost 10. In addition, such price dif…

Our Qwertee design needs you!

Hi everybody.

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