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Use rclone to mount cloud storage

I realized that the fat clients that allows you to sync your contents are not only wasting CPU cycles but also lots of disk space. Yes, that enables you to have the file opened almost instantly, no matter its size, but for me that use case is almost never needed, I use the cloud storage to save stuff that is in the range of a few MiB. Here is where rclone comes into play, it allows you to mount your storage as if it were a regular disk, and it handles the communication with the cloud servers on the go. As there are many different combinations I'll cover only two Linux w/ Dropbox curl | bash # Use rclone config to add a new remote called db for dropbox MAIN_USER=$SUDO_USER MAIN_USER_HOME=$(grep ^$SUDO_USER: /etc/passwd | head -1 | cut -d: -f6) mkdir /media/db chown $MAIN_USER:$MAIN_USER /media/db cat <<EOF > /lib/systemd/system/rclone-db.service [Unit] Description=Dropbox rclone mount After=multi-user.targetrclone [Service] Type=simple User=$ M
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How to partially export your old emails from GMail

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