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Share torrents with Transmission

To share some files with Transmission daemon and cli tools you must do the following: * Create the torrent file: transmission-create /path/to/your/very/large/file-or-folder $(curl -sSf | sed '/^$/d' | sed 's/^/-t /g') * Add the new torrent to your transmission  * Through the GUI interface, selecting the folder as the destination. In this example it would be /path/to/your/very/large. Finally launch a verify of the data.  * Through the CLI interface: transmission-remote --auth=usr:pwd -a -t /path/to/torrent --no-start-paused --trash-torrent --download-dir /path/to/your/very/large PS: updated list of trackers can be obtained from PSS: If you have doubts about BitTorrent it is best to read the specs, at PSSS: You can use this script to automate the deployment ''' #!/bin/bash usage() { echo "
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My android app list

Hello there I buy a phone once a year +/- so I have to reinstall all the stuff again and again. Sometimes I miss one or two apps and that bothers me A LOT. So I decided to create an app list so I can go over it installing all the apps right away. Here it is Maybe you want to check it out, and propose your alternatives or top apps!

autobox - Making fingerjointed project boxes automatically

It's kindda the tenth time I have to make a custom box for a project out of plywood with my CNC. The process I follow is - Design the box in QCAD: This involves doing all the rotations and translations, and then the verifications so every finger falls into place. - Pass the file to CAMbam or dxf2gcode and there configure all the machining stuff - Finally cut it with my grbl-powered CNC and UGS. Only when finish I realize that I forgot to add clearance between fingers. NOT AGAIN! For this task I created autobox, its open source code ( ) and you are more than welcome to improve it. And I have a live app ( ), so you can create your boxes online, and maybe, who knows, use to create your GCODE Enjoy it

How to compare two jobs

Hi! Three months ago I changed my job and lately I've been wondering how to compare between two jobs, to know if my change was correct from an analytical point of view. What I've come with so far is an calc table as follows, the ultimate result is an indication of your net salary including all the extras and taking several subjective criteria into account The Job Virtue Index (JVI) can be calculated as follows: Ref Property Formula Example ANS Annual net salary (€) 30000 AH Annual work hours (h) 1769 HNS Hourly net salary (€/h) ANS/AH 16.96 AV Annual vacation days (d) 22 AVS Eq. net salary for vacations (€) HNS*AV 2984.74 AT Annual telecommuting hours (h) 100 ATM Saving per telecommuting hour (€/h) 10 ATS Eq. savings for telecomm. (€) AT*ATM 1000 MED Annual medical ins. quota (€) 400 AI Annual incentives (€) 100 ATC Annual transport-fromto-work cost (€) 530 AFC Annual food-at-work cost (€) 70