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Do you really need laser goggles?

Hello everyone.
Lately, since I saw them on Banggood website, I've been playing with lasers.
I ordered this one to try it, because it was 12 dollars or so and when it arrived and I saw that it was able to cut paper, I was afraid to hurt my eyes.
It was then that I saw the need to buy safety goggles. After a basic search in Google, I found relatively cheap glasses in Torlaser, and well, I have to say they should be sued in the courts for this.
And I say this because, as you can see in the video below, these glasses allow most of the luminous power to pass through them, so I've actually wasted my money, besides risking my corneas.

I investigated more thoroughly and realized that I must purchase some rather more expensive safety glasses in the range of 40-150 euros. Some good and cheap glasses can be found here, while more expensive ones may be purchased here
Logically, I'm not going to buy a pair of 150 euros when I bought a laser that cost 10. In addition, such price dif…