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How to use whatsapp from PC with your number

Hello all, this guide will be a little tricky but here i come.
-Android emulator and Android SDK
-An actually rooted android phone with whatsapp installed
-A hex editor (
Download and install android SDK from SDK Manager and download the same API of your Android phone version, then make a new emulator image with Google apis and 1024MB of sdcardRoot your android emulator following this guide:
Hint: If "memory full" message appears, just go to /system/apps/ and rm email.apk, then retryPatch your android emulator with your Android phone IMEI number following this guide:
Or open  tools/emulator.exe with the hex editor and substitute +CGSN 000000000000000 with your own imei
Hint: On newer emulators you should patch tools/emula…