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Google compute engine autoinstall script

Lately I've been following several security blogs in order to be notified about the state of art of cryptography standards compliance in the browsers. One of them, Charles Engelke's Blog, published a series of posts about getting a Google SaaS up and running with its own SSL certificate. This series is composed of:
 - Let’s Encrypt on Google Compute Engine
 - Creating a Compute Engine Instance
 - Setting up Apache Web Server
 - Getting a Certificate from Let’s Encrypt

Since my last project, autoinstall, fits into this task quite good, I've decided to extend it to accomplish these goals:
 - Install and config a Tomcat server, in the default 80 and 443 ports, with its manager prepared for remote maven deploys.
 - Install and config a daemon, which it's given the task of renewing the let's encrypt SSL cert when it's necessary.
 - Install mysql 5.5 database.
 - Install other tools: ftpd, nmap, tree, etc.

So, the steps to get this running are:
 - Buy a domain, or o…