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Save 160$ on repairing nexus 5 shattered screen

Last month I dropped my precious Nexus 5 to the ground, with such bad luck that struck the corner, which is the Achilles heel of Gorilla Glass, and this was the result (Not actually my phone, but the same improvement)

After a few weeks taking it well, and as we are in summer, it began to release small fragments of broken glass. The problem is that is as unsightly as is dangerous.

So I decided to remove the rest of the screen. Using a dryer and a plastic card I removed the rest of the screen slowly. Caution! Do not use a cutter, you will end up grating the digitizer.

When it was completely removed, carefully, and applying heat, you can also remove the glue.

The problem was that my "nexus 5" was naked, and the screen would slip off the phone. Luckily for me the designer had left some embedded bolts in the frame.

That was when I got to work and designed the housing replacement. I first made it in plastic, but the sides of the screen are very narrow and broke. In the end I did …